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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

How to remove "Commercial Use Error In Teamviewer"

 As you know the Team viewer is very fast remote support software, this software help to improve you work, study and your business etc.  Use this software you attend your live class any where in world, with this software you can work with your home computer, when your are not in home. You also give your  presentation to customer and collaborator. Transfer your file to your home computer. But while using this software as a personal use some time you get the "Commercial use suspect Error" 

 Now I have solved the error its very simple and i will with you. Follow the step and remove this "Error"

1. Click the start button and select "Run" 
2. Type %appdata%

3. The window will open and you get lot of folder in there.
4. Chose the "Team viewer" folder and right click and select the "Delete"

5. Close the windows.

Now you resolve the error. for the confirmation follow this step
1. Click the start and select "Run"
2. Type "regedit" without quote.

3.Registry window will open
4.Windows left side you can select the "HKey_Local_Machine" and expand this folder.

5. After that you can select the "Software" folder and expand that one also

And find the "Team viewer" in expand folders.If you find the Team-viewer folder in expand list delete the folder and close the windows.

6. Change the MAC Address of your LAN card, this tutorial can help you.

7.Restart your Team viewer and you should get a new ID and also should solve the “Commercial Use Suspected” problem.
Please use the following method only if you have genuine problem. Please play fair as TeamViewer is one of the best freely available software, which I use and recommend strongly over others in the same niche. There is no substitute to Team Viewer.

For more help see the Video..

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