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Friday, 14 September 2012

How to Disable Dial up Internet Connection Popup

Whenever you open you internet explore there is one popup always frustrating you " Dial Up Internet Connection" Did you know why this always disturb you, because you install any third party connection like 3G modem or before you are using dial up connection and that still is there. 

How to Remove 

If you want to remove this "Dial up connection' than you have two way to remove this connection.
  1. Primary Disable 
  2. Complete Uninstall
Complete uninstall when you select then in feature you don't want to use third party connection, because if you used complete uninstall mean you have to completely remove the third party connection from "Add & Remove Program" option. and primary disable is the second 

  1. Primary Disable : Primary Disable is only disable the "Dial up Internet connection pop-up" and after that you did't see this pop-up, and you want you use this third party application in future then also its possible. So check how to switch on the "Primary Disable"
  • Open the Internet Explore and Go to the "Tool" and select the "Internet option"

  • The New Internet Option windows open then select the connection.

  • Connection Tab you can see the Installed third party dial up connection, for the Primary disable you can select the " Never Dial a Connection" after that dial up pop-up not disturbing you any more. Remove option also is there, but i'm not going to prefer you about this option, So don't use this option. 

    2. Complete Uninstall
  • Complete Uninstallation you can follow mention below instruction.
  • Click "Start" and Select "Control Panel"
  • Select "Add & Remove Program" and select the third party connection which installed in you system and press "Remove" 

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