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Monday, 24 March 2014

How to login Multiple User in One Computer in Windows XP

This is really superb solution to use single computer by multiple user, in built RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) provide to access the computer remotely but it has a limited only single user can be take a remotely at a time.

Typically, if you were logged in with RDP on a computer, if someone else tried to remote into that computer at the same time, you'd be bumped off. There are a couple of cases where you might want or need simultaneous RDP sessions. You and your partner could both access a home computer's programs and files while at work, for example. Or, as TechSpot suggests, you could have a dedicated Media Center PC in the living room and remotely access all the files on the computer without interrupting someone watching TV.

This patch will enable two or more concurrent sessions in Windows XP PRO Service Pack 2 (SP2) and Service Pack 3 (SP3) if you have FAST USER SWITCHING enabled, and your windows is NOT in a domain.

Uninstaller is also included and can be found at windows Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs.

Download Installer - Windows XP 

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